Hi, I’m Bradford Waugh and I have over a decade of experience in industrial design and product development. I offer strategic input to companies by offering them product solutions catered to their business. My goal is always to find the best balance between performance, value, and aesthetics. Below you can see solutions I’ve helped other companies to realize.

  • TA Instruments DHR
    TA Instruments DHR
  • TA Instruments TMA 450
    TA Instruments TMA 450
  • Trident Gum packaging
    Trident Gum packagingcad / packaging
  • ETC Sign
    ETC Sign
  • Foot Spa
    Foot Spadesign / drawing / illustration
  • Pet food scoop
    Pet food scoopcad / design / drawing / illustration / product
  • Food Container
    Food Containerdesign / drawing / illustration
  • Barany Chair
    Barany Chairdesign / drawing / product