• Bradford Waugh
    Bradford Waugh
    I'm Bradford Waugh and I have over a decade of experience in industrial design and product development. As you may see from my work, I've had quite the wide range of experience in product market. I love what I do and I welcome new projects. Feel free to reach out so we can discuss your project.

  • TA Instruments TMA 450
    TA Instruments TMA 450
  • Trident Gum packaging
    Trident Gum packagingcad / packaging
  • ETC Sign
    ETC Sign
  • Graphic Work
    Graphic Workbranding / design / illustration
  • GPS mount
    GPS mountcad / design / drawing / product
  • Foot Spa
    Foot Spadesign / drawing / illustration
  • Pet food scoop
    Pet food scoopcad / design / drawing / illustration / product
  • Food Container
    Food Containerdesign / drawing / illustration
  • Barany Chair
    Barany Chairdesign / drawing / product